Custom SSL Certificate

According to pricing comparison - apps on Private plan has a possibility to setup an SSL certificate.
I’ve bought a certificate and now this service expecting from me to send a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in order to create certificate.

I’ve already turned on SSL feature in Bubble Editor

And my page turned to response via HTTPS but question is: How can I setup my own certificate?

@marca @emmanuel @josh guys, could you please comment on this topic?

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I’m interested too in knowing if its possible to add a EV SSL with extended validation e.g. extended greenbar?



Guys, 18 days and no answer from official Bubblers.

If you need support on this, I’d raise it in an email to

While the team watches the forums, the support email is their first priority.

Would love to know what Bubble Support says about this. @petrucho, let us know how it goes.

Sorry for a late response, but here is official answer from Bubble support regarding “custom” SSL certificates:


We unfortunately cannot use external SSL certificates currently, this has to go through our automated system. Is you are using a sub-domain you are automatically on SSL.

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