Custom State with Repeated Group?

Hello everyone.

Is it posible to use Custom State with Repeated Group?

Right now I’m using Database to store and retrieve value but I don’t need to store anything in the Database I’m just using it because I don’t know another way to make Repeated Group work…

I’m using Repeated Group for showing or hiding a row with elements.
With Database works fine but it is very slow… It has to connect to Database to read the value everytime and with Cutom State will be more faster. I don’t know how to combine those two.

Basically when the user click Add Button it will show another row with the same elements as the first row.

Thank you in advance.


RG you need to configure the content which is what data you want to show in the RG and datasource wich you can add some filters to show the data.



Thank you for your reply, Anderson.

I don’t need to show anything from Database… I’m using Repated Group to add or remove a row with elements inside.


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