Custom State text help [SOLVED]

I am playing around with bubble and trying to understand some things before I dig into really making my app. So for this example, I am looking at the default bubble page when you first make a new app. the index page looks like:

On this page they have a signup/login popup with a custom state: mode and it is text data type. There are two states from what I can tell, “signup” and “login”.

Element inspector:

One of mode’s values:

My question is…
How do I design a custom state in this way? How did they initially make the “login” state? Where can I view this state besides running the previewer and checking what happens?

In your answer please include specific keystrokes or even screen grabs of the process. I understand the point of custom states and have read the manual, I just cannot figure out how to use them. I do not know how to assign a value to a custom state.


Has a video called “signup login feature” and will show you the custom state process you are discussing. The site also has a video called “custom states”. You’ll have to sign up to watch the videos though(not my site).

Question - Custom state? this post by dan1 answers exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

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