Custom states doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?

Hello, I am working with custom states.
I have created a CS on my page with “algemeen” as default:
Then I choose to hide a group on this page:

But I made a condition to show this group when the CS is “algemeen”:

The group won’t show when I preview. It should be, because the default state value is Algemeen, and I made the condition. What could be the matter?

Make sure there is no leading or trailing space

I also don’t recall it putting quotes around a typed String. Make sure in your conditional you just type the word and don’t put it in quotes. The best idea for these types of things though is to create an option set and add all the text values in there then make the custom state be of the type of the option. That way you never type in words and it prevents typos causing issues.

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EDIT never mind, I fixed it, see below. Thanks for thinking with me!

Ok, I followed this tutorial:
Dashboard Side Menu and Pages | Responsive - YouTube
Indeed, it seems a bit weird to use free text. You can see him doing it at 13:21. A bit confusing about this tutorial is the there is also a “Dashboard” in his list (at the 13:21 mark), but if I am following the tutorial right, that is NOT the name of his default CS value. Later on you can see that he just uses free text.
I’ll see if I can manage to use an option set for this.

It worked with an option set. Thanks!