Custom states in a repeating group with pagination

I created a list of jobs in a repeating group that has a fixed number of 5 cells shown. Within each cell is a custom state that shows/hides job details.

I’ve created pagination to navigate the various pages of this job list.

The problem …
When I navigate to a different page, the custom state doesn’t reset … so if I’m showing job details for Job Listing 1, I automatically show details for Job List 6 when the page is changed.

Has anyone run into this problem? How have you fixed it?

The custom state value doesn’t carry forward with the pages. If you wish for the state to remain, you can send it over using key parameter when navigating to a different page.

If you wish to reset state, one possible method is to set a workflow event (When page is loaded) that resets the state of the page so that whenever you load the page, the state is reset.


You can also use this page event to extract the url key parameter and convert it into custom state to retain the value of what the user had previously selected on the previous page.

Hope this helps answer your question!

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