Highlight page number

I want to make it so the numbers at the bottom show which page the user is on or has clicked.

i am using custom states but have only managed to change the number to bold permanently until the page is refreshed.
Thanks in advance

Hi there, @notemarket12… as I’m guessing you know, custom states are reset when the page is refreshed, hence the behavior you are seeing. You might want to consider storing the user’s selection in a field on the User data type so that the selection is “sticky” (i.e., the selection does not get reset when the page is refreshed). So, when a user clicks on a page, you would have a workflow action that makes changes to the user, and the change to make is to set a field to the number of the page that was clicked. You would then use the value in that field to drive the desired user experience.

Hope this helps.


Hello @mikeloc
I am having trouble with keeping only that one number stay highlighted, when I click on the “1”, it becomes bold, but when I click on the “2”, it becomes bold aswell, I want the “1” to stop being bold.
Sorry if my initial question was wrong.

If you can share some screenshots of the custom state, workflows, and/or conditions you are using to make the numbers bold, I’m sure we can get it sorted out.

Hi @mikeloc
I really havent done anything but heres the workflow

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