Set value for a few custom state in a time

Hi. Im trying to reset custom states for different elements in a time. Is it possible? I have a page with different elements. They all have 2 different conditionals depends on custom state they have. I want to reset all this custom states to default when I’m leaving the page.

Yes, it’s possible (just put all the set custom state actions into a single workflow)…

But why do you need to reset the custom states if you’re leaving the page?

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Yes I did this just thought it could be done without creating dozens of actions in a single workflow).
When a user do some actions on the page it makes visible some input forms than when the user leave this page and then come back later this forms still there but I want to make them invisible again like show basic page.

Custom state values don’t persist once a user leaves the page… so there’s no need to reset them here (they will be set to their default values one the user returns to the page).

I’m trying to do a native app, so It’s all in one page with different groups. I’m saying page but I mean group)


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