Custom states in nested repeating group

I wonder if anyone can help or has come across this before. I have a popup with a custom state on a nested repeating group cell. When I close the popup and reopen it, despite having reset the popup, the contents of the custom state remain.
Anyone any ideas how to clear it? Basically I want to reinitialise the whole pop up so every custom state is reset to its default, including those in the nested repeating group.
Thanks for any help in advance.

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Hi there, @antk123… given my understanding of custom states, I wouldn’t expect resetting the popup to clear your custom state. I believe a custom state can only be cleared/reset through a page refresh or an explicit workflow action, and this post seems to confirm that belief…

Hope this helps.



Thanks Mike. That makes sense.
The problem I run into when trying to set the custom state to blankRight before closing the pop up, is I can’t see the nested repeating group (Repeating group in a repeating group) that the state is attached to in the workflow action, element drop down. I can see the main repeating group but not the repeating group nested inside it.
Do you know how you would clear those?

Hmm, two thoughts come to mind… first, do you have to have the custom state attached to the nested repeating group? I don’t pretend to be an expert on custom states, but my understanding is that they can be attached to pretty much anything, and I remember a thread recently where someone said they always attach their custom states to the page itself so they are easier to find and manage.

Second thought… if you can’t reset the custom state when closing the popup, can you reset it when opening the popup? That might not make any sense depending on how you are doing things, but nothing you’ve written so far seems to preclude it from being an option, so I didn’t think it could hurt to throw it out there.


Hey there, did you ever figure this out? Just ran into the exact same issue. Thanks!


There is a workflow called “When Popup closes” & “When Popup Opens” in which u can specify a target popup.

You can reset the custom states in as actions in the workflows.

Thank you for help!

I am aware of that workflow but the dropdown does not show my element (which has the custom state) that is inside nested repeating group.

Hmm…maybe you should try to relook at how you have things setup so as to not rely on custom states in nested RGs?

You can also try using a plugin like Orchestra to affect variables in RGs.

I use the plugin in my apps and it works great.


Hello, Have you found a solution for this ? I am having the same issue