Custom states working on preview but not on live (deployed)

I developed a calculator which calculates the net salary given the gross one.

It works thanks to several stages in which custom states are compiled thorough a single workflow that triggers when a button il clicked.

It works greatly in preview mode, it doesn’t work (and custom states do not get populated) in live mode. It’s quite annoying and frustrating as it looks nothing but a bug.

Does somebody know how to fix it? It’s something truly dangerous, potentially.

Where are the values for the custom states coming from?

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both from an input (that is mandatory to make the workflow start by clicking the button that triggers it) and from the database

I’ll attach an example here:

→ firstly, values come from the input and get stored in a custom state
→ then, the values in this custom state get retrieved to make new values with which compile other custom states

Thanks for the support

Does your ‘live’ database have data in it?

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That’s a great point! It doesn’t. I thought there was no difference between the “development” and “live” database. Thank you

Still, it’s not enough:

Here data comes from the input and not from the database, but the state still does not get compiled

Indeed, your ap has two distinct databases, one for dev and one for live…

I can’t answer your question… but the debugger should be able to show you exactly what;'s going on… so take a loo at that and it should become clear.

At least I fixed half of the problem thanks to your hint.

Unfortunately, the debugger doesn’t show any issue, but still the state does not get compiled.

If you or somebody else have a clue on what’s going on (and why it works on “development” and not on “live”) it would be great to read.

Thank you very much