Customer portals

Hello! We have a use case that I haven’t seen explicitly in Bubble’s marketing material and wondering if Bubble might be a good solution.

Essentially, we have two sets of customers (supplier and buyers) and we’d like to give them a portal to interact and negotiate deals with each other. I think of this a bit as a gated, managed marketplace.

Some key requirements we have are:

  • Buyers and suppliers can negotiate prices and quantities via form submission to each other
  • Forms display calculations in real time (i.e. show a “total cost” before form submission and updating a record)
  • Buyers and suppliers can only see relevant data (i.e. supplier A cannot see information about supplier B)
  • Once orders are “approved” by both a supplier and a buyer, we’d like to trigger a formstack doc to be created, ported to Bubble’s database, and displayed on-page for the customers to e-sign.

There is no need for checkout or payment processing.

I wonder if Bubble is overkill, we’ve tried to accomplish this with stacker+airtable, but the forms do not display calculations prior to submission. And the sync times are pretty long.

Thanks for any advice!

Hello @kevin29 welcome to the community!

In short, all you describe can be accomplished with Bubble :+1:t2:

Prepare your wireframes, setup a database model which from what you describe is rather straight forward. For the signatures there are plugins that can do that. Or if you want formal e-signatures you can integrate with an e-doc signing service.

Have fun with your project :+1:t2:

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Bubble can totally do this :slight_smile: