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Is it possible to build a ticketing/helpdesk-like app?

Hi there

Just finished the learning courses on Bubble, and really loving it so far! I want to use it for some applications that I have in my mind, but want to start of with this one:

On this platform, entrepreneurs can ask legal questions. These messages all come in to a ticketing-platform where lawyers can log in to, if they have an account (they need to pay for that account). These lawyers now have the possibility to answer these questions. Important: the lawyers can’t see each others replies. The entrepreneur gets a lot of ‘first replies’ from different lawyers, and can now choose which answer/lawyer he likes the most. Now he can contact that lawyer and become this lawyer’s client.

So what I think I need is:

  • A form page with the form for the entrepreneurs to ask their legal question
  • A login page for lawyers (maybe with direct payment online)
  • A dashboard for lawyers where they see all the questions
  • A dashboard for the entrepreneur where he can see all his replies and the contact information for each lawyer

I hope you can help me with this :slight_smile:

Kind regards

That seems very doable. You’ll have to think a little bit about restricting some content and pages with some conditions on the Page is Loaded event (so that lawyers can only see their content). Bubble handles subscriptions with Stripe, which I believe is what you need, and here again, you’ll use some conditions to restrict what theyc an do based on their subscriptions.

I think handling these conditions is the trickiest past, as the data structure is fairly straightforward: have users, questions and replies. You should think about the connection between these types, for instance, a question is going to have a list of replies, etc (see the lesson list of things).