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Database Info, App question

I’ve looked around and cannot find an answer, maybe I’ve missed it.

So, I’ve been developing an invoicing and proof system in .net and the owner of the company wants to switch to I’ve looked around but cannot find any info on databases.

The app would be our employees enter in a new invoice with different work orders and each work order will go through different steps, such as approve, purchasing, printing, shipping, etc. So the database structure relies heavily on different statuses stored in a table.

My question is, does bubble have it’s own database? Do we need our own database that we have to talk to? How does this work? Can we view the database data or can we only view it via Bubble apps?

Searching this forum would provide you with tons of details. Bubble does come with a database, but you can also connect to additional databases through the database connector. Sign up for a trial and give it a try – you’ll be amazed!


The data is viewable from within bubble, and also you can set up APIs on your data so it is visible externally.