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Customizable Calendar with events that can be filtered

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a way in bubble to recreate the following functionality:

A calendar where people can add their events and these events are displayed on a calendar.
Users can add repeating events for example every day or every week Thursday. It is a dance community-driven project so I am looking to create a platform for our dancers in Germany where we have an overview of all the events such as parties, classes, workshops, festivals.

So far we have this:

We are using the following plugin

Would you know how to edit the label of the calendar entries so that we can display it in the following way:
Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 13.30.20

[Hour] [isRepeatingEvent ? showArrows : doNotShowArrows] [ Rest of the title]

Right now the title container cuts the date/hour container - I guess not enough PADDING (css design flaw). Not sure why this is happening. The label does not allow adding icons and is showing almost whole title.
Screenshot 2021-09-14 at 13.31.23

Maybe you know a plugin that could handle such customization?

We also want to be able to filter calendar entries based on our filters that you can find in the bubble app mentioned above:

Right now in the component settings I have the following options:

How would we filter these events using this calendar component?
Is this even doable with Bubble?

So the main functionality I am after is repeating events that can be displayed and filtered on a calendar. How the label looks is something I can endure.

Thanks for the help.

@jared.gibb you’re up! :smiley:

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