Option sets - create categories within choices

Hello, I’ve discovered the options sets and I want the users to be able to choose an activity from a dropdown. However, I would like to group some of these categories together, for instance tennis, rugby, football, etc. within a category sport, and have like that different categories (when you click on one category in the dropdown, it opens all the activities within this category).
Do you think such thing is doable on Bubble ?
Thank you!


You can do this via filtering and setting up the option sets with attributes

Another way is to consider this interesting plugin by @Jici that may provide the functionality you are looking for


Do not hesitate to ask your question / expose your problem on the MAIN selectize dropdown thread. @Jici is more than reactive and efficient, and this way, all Selectize dropdown plugin users will take benefits of this problem & resolution :+1:t2:

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This is what I’m gonna do, ty, I think that what i want only exist in plug-in.

Thank you very much for the answers

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