Cut Off Content If...?

Is the “Cut Off Content If the Element is not Tall Enough” working for you? I have big problems with it.

Can you describe what problems you’re having? Right now, your post is a little vague, so we’re not sure how to help.

Yeah, sorry. I thought maybe it was a general problem. If the box is checked it looks like this:
As you can see, the text goes outside the RG and the rest is not visible.
If the box is not checked, it looks like this:
It doesn’t look good. I’ve tried everything.

It’s because there are no spaces in that line of text. I suggest using something generated, like Lorem Ipsum, for testing text fields so you get accurate results.

So the solution was that simple… Thank you very much. What is Lorem Ipsum? Never heard of it.

There are a few generators for all sorts of “fake text that simulates real text.” Lorem Ipsum is kinda the industry standard.

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Oh, thats great. Thanks for your help