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Dashboard Performance Best Practice? (if using date range constraints)

I built a dashboard which shows metrics based on date ranges. With performance in mind, what’s best way to search for data and display it?

I’ll illustrate with an example from built by @Thimo:

I’m guessing each metric in his dashboard above is text with a Do a Search For filtered with constraints based on the start and end date of his date picker. Maybe something like this:

Thimo has roughly 6 metrics on that page, so picking new date ranges won’t be too heavy on bubble.

But what if Thimo wanted to show something like a leaderboard of 60 sales reps, and that leaderboard had a date range picker.

This would cause 60 complex searches on the page. And then it would redo the search each time date ranges were modified.

I have something similar to the above, and it’s timing out. Bubble limits how long they allow quires to run - which causes the timeout.

Does anyone recommend a better solution?