Data 101 Q: How is data loaded?

Hey Bubblers,

So I’m building some nested RGs and I want it to be as fast and optimized as possible so I’ve been looking around how Bubble loads data and have checked the networks tab in the dev tools.

I’m aware that Bubble loads data differently — all the fields of a thing are loaded entirely. Is this still the case with a field that has a type of a different data type? e.g. thing’s “fieldname” is thing2

Here is a simple example of a search that I made, some of the fields with data are being loaded perfectly. However, for the fields that have a field type of a different data type, it is labeled as string_ LOOKUP _thing's uniqueid

Do note that these data types do not have any privacy rules since they are simply for testing.

Now, my question is are the other data types (the ones in the thing’s fields) are loaded entirely as well? By entirely, I mean all of the data in its fields.

If it is, would it be wise to just store the thing’s unique id in the fields and search for that thing with a constraint of its unique id?

Would greatly appreciate any insights.




Also no.


Simple and concise. Love it! Thanks as always, @adamhholmes !!! :bowing_man:

Just to elaborate…

Related things are only loaded if they are actually referred to on the page… otherwise it’s just the unique ID which is loaded.