Data API and permissions

Hi all,

I’m looking for some guidance on the use of the data API to connect our app to an external business analytics platform like Power BI.

Step1 - I’ve configured the API in the settings page to allow the relevant ‘table’ to be queryable via the API.

step 2 - I’ve then configured the connection in the analytics app to use the API link and supplied the URL and also the username and password that has access.

Step 3 - I’ve then gone into the privacy rules and confirmed that the user I’ve used in step 2 has the correct privacy rules applied to them.

Issues 1 - my issue is that with the privacy rule in step 3, the API doesn’t return any data in the query unless I add another privacy rule that basically opens it up to everyone who has the API link.

I’ve also removed the username and password from the API connection in my analytics programme and strangely it still returns the data (providing the privacy rule in issue 1 is in place).

it seems that I have to have an open privacy rule for the API to work as it’s not recognising the username or password?

Privacy rule

analytics tool config

API configuration

Not sure why you are providing username and password. Normally, if you want to follow this path, you need to get an access token from a backend WF first and send this Bearer token in Authorization header (Authorization: Bearer access_token)

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Hi there, sorry for not responding sooner…

I redid the connection using your recommendation and it works.

thanks so much for your response