Data Change Tracking

Would love some wisdom of the crowd on the easiest way to approach this:

In certain situations, I want to create a new record to track changes made to an input value. So, if a user updates a field called ‘Name’, the record created would capture "User X changed ‘Name’ from “Test Name” to “Sample Name” ". Etc.

Ideally I’d like to avoid using the database change trigger, since I only want to track this under certain circumstances (when the change originates from certain pages). The ‘Input’s value is changed’ trigger would let me be super targeted about where I log these changes, but it doesn’t capture the ‘before’ value.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Hi there, @derek4… if I understand your post correctly, when the input’s value is changed, have the first action in the workflow create a new thing in the data type where you are tracking the changes. In that action, set the value of the field where you are storing the old value to the current user’s name (to use your example), and set the value of the field where you are storing the new value to the input’s value. Then, in the second action in the workflow, change the user’s name to the input’s value, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


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Hey Mike, thanks so much for the reply.

that would definitely work for the ‘user’ type, but I’m trying to set this up in a way that’s universal to any field on any data type. So if the input was shape, I could capture:
Changing user: Derek (can be set as ‘current user’)
Before: Circle
After: Square
To create a log record that would read “Derek changed the Shape from Circle to Square”
Or if the input was an address field:
Changing User: Derek
Before: 123 Main St.
After: 321 Anyroad Ln.


Hey mate! I’m facing exactly the same challenge here. Did you manage to solve that?

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