Data comes up blank in database

I have a page dedicated to creating various data types. However, whenever I attempt to create a new ‘thing’, the fields attached to it are blank even though values have been assigned; it still gets rendered (as shown in the app data tab), however, no data is shown in the row.

I’m unsure as to whether this is a bug; I may be missing a trick?

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I’m having this problem too.

In the Data tab, under Data Types, no fields are being displayed and my User is blank.

I’ve bumped into this many, many times before. Spent hours and hours troubleshooting, questioned my life’s choices, and even started smoking. Then, suddenly, it hit me. Privacy settings.

Might be worth taking a look at those settings.


Yes that was my initial thought, albeit true (blank rule), after rectifying the setting I am still faced with the same problem.

Hi @jamesbond

Do you use the Workflows APIs to do this? If so, you can set a log in user action to ensure that all rights are set.

I’ve submitted a bug report and also included a screenshot of what is happening (see below). As you’ll see in the screenshot, new data is rendered as shown, however, the fields are blank.

In regards to your question @JohnMark, I only use the standard workflow actions to create a new thing. I’ve also literally gone and removed all my privacy settings.

What may help is also a screen shot of the workflow action used to create the new thing.

Also perhaps a video gif of it in action

I use this website to turn videos into gifs…

Which another user recommended and it has helped me show what issues I am having.

In regards to this as a larger issue, I am also in the midst of a back and forth with bubble support on a bug issue in regards to data being not entered into the database correctly…my issue is a bit different, but my concern is they may be related.

I am running a workflow to add items to a list of items. I have a data type of “image” and another data type of “image_list”…when adding images to the image list the number of items in the list changes frequently and mysteriously.

I also witnessed while creating new entries in the database via a workflow event on page, that the data entries were getting changed. I was creating a time slots, so could see that a time slot just created of say 8:30 changed to 8:15 for some un-known reason.

So I may say that it seems like there could be some issues with data storage.


The issue you have described is somewhat related to mine. In short, I have a workflow setup that enables a repeating group to accommodate a list of items; this is done by using the ‘:plus item’ function to add things to the repeating group, albeit the actual problem stems from creating data not the addition of data to a list. Please see below:

Step 1 of the workflow

Step 2 of the workflow

Just to note, if your primary objective is to add image items to a list of images, probably the best way to achieve this is via api workflows. I do this quite frequently so let me know if I can help.


Thanks for offering to help. What I am actually doing is creating images via an api workflow, however not loading any images at that stage, simply creating the record with id field and some other text and related data type entries.

I have a bug thread on the forum about it.

On the api workflow just after creating the images ( which use a list of numbers to be generated ), I have a action to modify an “image_list” ( another data type that simply stores lists of images ). The modification of this image list is adding the new images created to it.

I go into a lot of detail on the other thread. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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usually for me I experiencing problems when I put the conditional onto the action of the workflow and not the workflow itself.

For example your first image shows the step with a conditional on it. That usually causes problems for me and I end up needing to create another workflow event with the conditional on that instead.

That is the only thing I see in your workflows that could be the reason because they otherwise look like they should be working.

Have you filed a bug report?

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That could be a shout, however, the action is still rendering the creation of data even with the condition in place. Nevertheless, I’ll give it a try. I also filed a bug report some time ago.

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