Data Control / Visibility Between User

I have a probably simple question. Say im creating an app that will have 3 user. Im just wondering how does bubble store the relationship database.

User 1 create “things A” and “things B”

User 2 create “things C”

User 3 create “things D”

By default - User 1 cant see User 2 and 3 “things” but how do i see the relationship in the app data?

or is it set in the workflow?

This is in one of the “things” app data

“james” was created by user 1 while “azman” and “john” was created by user 2

There is no indication in app data 1 showing any relationship with app data 2

Please anyone?

I’m not sure if I understand exactly what you are asking but I’ll take a guess at it.

The default relationship between a thing and its creator is the “created by” field which is type user that is automatically stored on the thing when it is created. You can find this field by clicking on the pencil icon in the thing’s data view. It’s the very first column in your second screenshot. You can change the view to display that field by default.

Also, you can manually create data relationships which will allow viewing of the same thing by multiple users. For example, you can add a field “users” on the thing that is a list of users. In a workflow you can now add the current user to the list of users on that thing. Now, you can display that thing to all users that are in that list. I hope that helps!