Concept of users, relationships and more


Just new to bubble, with some database (MS Access) experience.

I’m trying to get familiar with the visual editor and letting go of the concept of relations between tables.

For my understanding, how would you guys do this:

I want to build a database where prospects can get a quote online for our services. I’m experimenting with a quote form.

  1. A prospect can fill out this form without registering, his quote gets saved in the table ‘quotes’ with his data (email, name etc).

  2. A prospect can fill out this form and registers, his quote and user-credentials get saved and he can see and edit his quote when he logs in.


Regarding bullet 1: how do I make a relationship later on between this quote and a user (when the prospects signs up later or when I assign an account to him)

Regarding bullet 2: Is this possible, how would the workflow look for these actions?

Thanx for some help and directions!



You can add a field to the user Table, “List of Quotes” which would have a type “quote”.

Then, then the user signs up, in the workflow for signup, you can do a “make changes to current user” and update the “list of quotes” field and set it to a search for quotes with the current user’s email address.