Data delete from repeating group but other user's data not deleted

hi @dbevan,

Thank you for your help so far. I wanted to ask you another question related to the messaging part. But since my previous problems was solved by your help I thought I’d create this new topic.
I created this option where a user can delete messages from the repeating group. But according to my layout when user A deletes a certain message, the data is erased from user B’s data too.

So what I tried to do is, create two message bodies and associate each with each user, but I couldn’t figure a way around this.
If you could please help. Thank you!

In the Conversation Table, create a field called “See Conversation”. It will be set up the exact same as Participants.

Do the same for the Messages table. Call it “See Message”.

When User A deletes a message, they remove themselves from the “See Message” list. If User B also deletes the same message, then the workflow should delete this message.

When User A deletes a conversation, two things should happen.

  1. User A is removed from the “See Conversation” list.
  2. Remove User A from all of the Messages’s “See Message” list for that particular Conversation

Again, if User B also removes themselves from the Conversation, the Conversation and all of its messages should be deleted.

When changing or deleting a lot of things at once, you can use a regular workflow, but scheduling an API workflow is the better move.

Hi @dbevan,
So far I created “see conversations” in conversation data, and “see messages” in message data. And I created this workflow that when a new message is sent, see conversation = parent group user, see conversation = current user. I did the same for see messages whenever a new message is sent.
When i delete messages in a conversation bewteen A and B, I use the check box and for the checkbox i created a custom state to hold the values of the selected things in a pop up.
so the value =popup Message’s Selected things:plus item current cells message.
so should i remove the user over here or some place else?

and i never used the API workflow

I tried creating a custom state for the checkbox. custom state (name = selected user &type = user and value=current cell’s message’s see message)
when i try to create a workflow with a trash button = delete a list of things. type = user, list to delete = pop up’s messages selected user … i dont know what to select after that.

I have no idea what you’re doing with the custom state so I can’t really help you out with that.

I guess I’m doing it all wrong. Could you please help me execute the suggestion you made with the see message data type.

Just follow the workflows logic I mentioned. There’s no need for a custom state. If you have a delete icon in a repeating group cell of messages you should be able to click it and remove the current user from that message’s “see message” list.

Let me know where you’re getting confused.

As suggested by you I created see message and see conversation in messages and conversation datas.

As you said that see message and see conversation are list of users. But how come the message body is associated with them. Does adding see message and see conversation satisfy the condition that the message body is being seen by them automatically?

I tried to assign values to them. I created this condition that when ever send message is clicked, see message ADD parents groups user creator and see message ADD parents groups recipient.

and when I want to delete the current row in repeating group, as advised by you I tried to make changes to a list of thing --> messages --> see message remove current user.
but that still deletes the message body for both users A and B

They aren’t associated with the message body. I need to see a screenshot of your repeating group to better understand the problem.

I said to make changes to the messages, not delete them haha. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. You remove the current user from the see message field. Now AFTER that action, you should delete any messages that have an empty “see messages” list.

I will try and do that and let you know. Thank you for your patience!

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No worries!

I’m very close. But after user A delete’s a message line, then the current cell instead of being removed, stays there blank.

Screenshot the data source of the repeating group including the constraints. The current user should only see messages that they are “participants” in AND can “see”.

no condition for the above

is there a way i could collapse the empty cell. ?