How can I delete a conversation?

I have a repetitive group that shows conversations between two users, but if the current user wants to delete a conversation it is also deleted for the other user, how can I delete the conversation only for the current user?

Could you have two yes/ no (del sender and del reciptiant) for the conversation. When somebody wants to delete the convo tick this box rather than delete. Then on your repeating group add this into your search criteria. So don’t show if this is ticked.
There is probably a better way to do this but this is what comes to my mind.


Hi @joelalcudia - assuming you have a Data Type called “Conversation” (or something similar) and you have a data field (a List) called “People in Conversation” (or something similar) where you add Users to the Conversation, then simply removing a User from the Conversation (“People in Conversation” data field) will work for you. The Conversation isn’t deleted and the remaining User(s) can still see the Conversation thread.

Hope that makes sense and helps.


incredible, as I did not think before, thanks for the idea, it worked.

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