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Display table with data coming from database


I am new to bubble and also new (barely experienced) in developing my own web app.

Situation: I already have data entry of vehicles that when the save button is clicked ‘save’, data (e.g. vehicle brand, vehicle type, vehicle model, etc.) about a vehicle is entered in the database. Fields, and types are already established and saving the data through a series of fields and a save button works perfectly.

Problem: I want the vehicle’s data (e.g. vehicle brand, vehicle type, vehicle model, etc.) displayed in a table in my main vehicle page. I tried using repeating group, but so far, I can only show one column. If I do multiple column, the same data is displayed across the entire repeating group/ table.

Column 1: Show the vehicle’s plate number
Column 2: Show the vehicle’s brand/make
Column 3: Show the vehicle’s model


Oh, he just did it using 1 column. Let me try that one out. Thank you Sir.

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