Displaying a type field 3 times down in a repeating group

Hello There,

i am not sure how to achieve this in bubble. for simplification, my app is about cars:

what i am trying to do is display a list " repeating group" of cars a user have.

so the User type has a field named Car of type “Car Details”. now the car details type has 3 field types called “Model1” , another type “Model2” and yet another type “Model3”. each “Model” is a type of its own with different fields.

so what i was able to do so far is to set the repeating group source of data to Users, and access the list in car details type (i.e. Model1, Model2, Model3).

what i wasnt able to do was:

the ability to push data from Model1, Model2, or Model3 fields according to the value from a drop down list (i used an option set to define the drop down value) to a group inside the parent repeating group. i cannot even gain access to ModelX fields. it would be awesome to populate the group with fields from “ModelX” type directly, can anyone help me?
thank you so much