Repeating group with different data type for "do search for function"

Problem: Main repeating group has a database type called “employee”, where I want to display fields such as: ID number, employee name, and employee status. But the data for my employee status will come from a different data type which I created separately as “employee status”

I can update the employee status and store it in my other database (employee status database), but I am having a hard time displaying it in the same table as the other database (employee)

Objective: To display the current status of an employee (e.g. active, inactive, etc.), together with the other data fields stored in a repeating group with a content for employee.

In the employee database, the field of “employee status” must be related to the database “employee status”.

It is not possible to have a separate database type “employee status”, inside a repeating group with the content “employee”?

You can have a different database inside a repeating group using a second repeating group within the first one or you can make relationships from another database to return some data from it using filters and constraints.

Got it! I did try using a group (not repeating group), it was able to display data in the repeating group, even if the database is coming from a separate one:

but I want to display what individual and last employee’s status is (these employees come from the employee data type, where the status come from the employee status data type)