Thing deleting from frontend, but not backend

Hi All.

I have a thing’s detail showing by way of a saved state. I then have a delete option which opens a popup to warn a user. The date for the thing pulls through correctly (I used a name tag as a test). When the user selects the “yes” button the workflow deletes a thing. The thing is deleted form the frontend, but not from the database.

Any ideas?

Hi there, @sebastian3… it’s hard to follow your description of the issue (some screenshots might help), but you mention a saved state (which I assume is a custom state). Is it some sort of situation where the custom state is being cleared but you aren’t actually deleting a thing from a data type?


Hi Mike
Not sure what sparked the thought to look, but realised that there unit thing was being deleted, but not the building thing. I keep forgetting that Bubble relationships are not automatic and each element needs its own workflow. :see_no_evil: Thanks for making me look into it a bit deeper.