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Displaying data, only some items as a list on a repeating group

Hey guys,

I’m at the moment trying to come up with the best way to display only some of the data on a repeating group (full list).

I’ve came up with a couple of different ways to do this, like adding a field to the data type (say “confirmed”) and then adding a constraint so that only items which have this field filled are displayed on the list. I would then have to build another page to review all of the inputs by users and modify each one of the item’s “confirm” field so that on the main page these are the only displayed.

But since when building in bubble there’s always a lot of ways to build different things I thought I would ask to see if someone has built something similar yet or has an idea to do this in a better/tidier/more simple way.

This is specifically what I’m trying to build:
User submits something which should only be visible after the item(data) is reviewed by the admin and then confirm it is “appropriate” to be displayed on the website.


Most simple way so far:

Create a new field to the data type you are displaying:

field name : “confirmed”
field type : yes/no

Add a constraint to Repeating group data source : confirmed = “yes”

No need to create a new website since you can modify your data directly from your Application data view (change “confirmed” field to “yes” or “no”)

Still open to other suggestions!

I think your approach is the best way.

But I would still build an admin page to view and update as the App Data Viewer is not ideal for doing this type of admin work as it exposes too much.

Agree, was just now thinking the same thing.
It’s not the best view, much better to review and modify data as it is supposed to be displayed on the website, so yeah an admin page would be way better and a quick build since it would be identical to the user display.

Thanks John!

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