Data is not showing to users in live chat

Hello all,

I am building a live chat support for my app so customers can chat with an admin. I have the admin portal and the customer portal which work the same way.

Basically when the customer starts a chat conversation it creates a new “thread” in the database and each individual message from the customer or the admin is saved as a “message” in the database which is linked to the specific thread.

The chat itself is a repeating group with two sub groups (one conditionally showing the messages sent from admin and one conditionally showing the messages from the customer).

The problem I am having is that the admin can see all messages fine, but the customer can only see their own messages.

I made sure the privacy settings allow the customer to see the messages in every thread they create, but it’s still not working on the customer end although the admin messages are being saved as they should on the database.

Have you experienced that? Any help appreciated!

Thanks a lot.

Hi there, @amina.boudiffa… I know you said you checked privacy rules, but without witnessing it firsthand, I’m not convinced that they aren’t the culprit. :slight_smile:

Can you share some screenshots of your data types, the actual data, the privacy rules, and the setup of the repeating group?


Hi @mikeloc,

Thanks for your reply. So I did try to make the data public to rule that out, and I was still having the same issue.

Still, here are screenshots of the data, chat boxes and privacy rules:

Client Chat

Here are screenshots of the admin and client chats’ repeating groups:
Admin Chat Repeating Group
Client Chat Repeating Group

The first thing that sticks out is that your Chat message visible privacy rule doesn’t enable messages to be found in searches because it is running into the This thing’s x’s y limitation of privacy rules.

Thanks @mikeloc,

I linked the customer directly to the messages so I wouldn’t have to run into the This thing’s y limitation of privacy rule

But still having the same problem:
New Client Chat
New admin chat

Okay, your comments made me investigate the privacy rules more and as it turns out, the limitation was on the “User” data type.

With this new privacy rule, it’s all working out now:

Thanks a lot @mikeloc , I really appreciate it.


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No lie… that was literally going to be my next suggestion (checking the User data type, that is). :slight_smile:

Glad you got it worked out.

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Thanks again!

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