User Attendance ~ Data structure suggestions?

Hello everyone - I’m building an application that centers around a group, the groups events, and so forth. I would, if possible, like to record a users attendance for an event - “Attended Fully”, “Attended Partially”, “Did Not Attend”.

How would I create/manage this data? I’m not sure on the best way to do so in Bubble, or if it is even possible.

Is the user inputting the data?

If so, the best long-term solution is to create 3 separate fields in the “Events” table.

  • Attended Fully
  • Attended Partially
  • Did Not Attend

Each field’s data type will be a List of Users.

Then you just set up workflows that will allow users to save this data.

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The user wouldn’t be inputting the data, an administrator would be inputting the data for each user.

If it needs to be dynamic, could you create a field in each event for say capacity (or whatever your wording is) and attended.

If Attended is > 0 but < Capacity status = Attended partially
If Attended = Capacity then capacity status = Attended fully

etc etc

I’d go with @dbevan’s solution and you could even do the reverse. You could have those three fields under the User type, each as a list of Events and add events to each field that match the label for a User.

An admin could save user to user list field or event to event list field either way. Doesn’t have to be triggered by the participant necessarily.


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