Data moving for Unique ID

Hi guys, I need help with my Product Listing to Inquiry Form data. Basically I need the unique ID of the Product Listing to be added to the Inquiry Form.

My current data fields for the Inquiry Form data type:

My current workflow for moving the data from a Product Listing page to an Inquiry Form:

I think the problem is with Product = Current Page’s Product Listing but I am not exactly sure what to change this to.

Hi @kindlevega12,

Yep, this seems like the right approach. You can reference the unique id of the product by doing Inquiry Form’s Product’s Unique ID.

Under App Data > All Inquiry Forms, the Unique ID does not show up automatically in an entry. Does the Create a new Inquiry Form > Product = Current page’s Product Listing not add the unique ID of that Product Listing to the Inquiry Form? @johnny

Is there any data actually being passed into the Current page’s Product Listing?

I’m guessing there’s none haha. But I’m also not sure what to change it to or what to configure in order to copy/paste the Unique ID of the product listing to the Inquiry Form automatically. Any tips on how to do that?

Can you provide more details on the setup for your app? What’s an inquiry form? What’s a product listing? How are inquiry forms and product listings related?

I’m building a B2B marketplace.

This is a Product Listing page:

The input texts and dropdown menus are included in the Inquiry Form. The Add to Canvas button triggers the creation of an Inquiry Form and adds those inputs along with the Product.

This is the result of the Add to Canvas button. BUT the Product ID was inputed by me. I need it to be automatically inputed upon clicking the Add to Canvas button so that my Inquiry page can include the details of a connected Product Listing.

So on the page, you reference everything by doing a search for all product listings? Why not use Current Page’s Product Listing? But if you’d like to stick with Do a search for product listing, that is what you would reference as the product on your inquiry form.

I tried referencing to Current Page’s Product Listing for all of them but it wasn’t getting the right data. How would it know which Product Listing to reference?

I changed the reference to Product in the create an inquiry form to a search for product listing. It worked. Thank you!

You would be able to reference Current Page’s Product Listing when data is passed to it via the unique id or slug in the URL.

For example:

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