List of relating things not showing or very slow

I have an application whcih references a unique id of a related analytical sheet, no tmany I think I have around 3k but I only ever reference 1. I just cant seems to search or list the one I am after, its very painful to find and copy / paste just kills the save , I have no choice but to do it 1 keystroke at a time with hit and miss results.

Is this a know issue or am I doing something wrong? I am 1000% certain the related item exists and I can relate to it eventually.!

2020-04-21 20.07.47

Hi Monir! I’m not sure what you try to do exactly. It will be hard to help you without checling if the ID is correct. Did you try to juste copy paste the id then save? (without waiting fo search to return it)? If you enter a valid ID it should be saved even if you don’t select in the dropdown