User saving and editing data

I’ve set up my forms and inputs which allow users to save their listings. How can I use the same page they used to create the data input to update the data?

Currently I have a page with several inputs which go in to the database as a new “Listing”. But now everytime the user presses save it creates a new “Listing”. I know how to make this work using different pages for creating “Listings” and editing them but I would like to have it work on the same page. How would I go about doing that?

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I’m sure there are a number of ways to do what you want to do here, but I have done it before by passing an identifier (in your case, probably a listing’s unique id) in the URL to the page with the form, putting all of the inputs on the form in a group, and then getting the identifier from the URL for the data source of the group.

At that point, you can set the initial content of the fields to the parent group’s associated field, and the fields will display the appropriate data when an identifier is found in the URL. When an identifier is not found in the URL (i.e., in the case of the user creating a new listing), then the fields will display the placeholder text.

You can also check for the identifier in the URL to do things like change the text on the form’s submit button. So, you might want the button’s label to be “Add this Listing” when the user is creating a new listing (i.e., when an identifier is not found in the URL) but have the label appear as “Edit this Listing” when the user is making an update to a listing.

Again, I’m sure there are multiple ways to accomplish your goal here, but maybe this one can work for you? Hope this helps.


How can the unique id be passed on to the URL? What kind of workflow does it require I just can’t figure that out.

You can do it via a navigation step in the workflow. So, when you navigate to the page, you can send more parameters to the page as shown below (note that you can name the Key whatever you want):


Then, for the data source of the group, you would use Get data from page URL.

Actually, now that I think about it, you could probably just use the “Data to send” field on the screenshot above and send the listing id that way… but I have used the URL method for this in the past, so I know it works.