Data not being sent to database after signup

Hello there,

I am tryng to add data to the User database after pressing the “Create an account” button.


Seeing the preview image I have only the “first_name” and “last_name” fields that I have created. Where it is not possible to get the “email” and “password”>

Therefore, when I press the “Create an account” button, it sends normally the user to the next page (from the workflow) but does not save the form data to the User table.

What am I doing wrong?

Surely, after clicking the ‘Create an account’ button you want to be signing the User up, no making changes to the User, no?

In which case you need to use the ‘Sign the User up’ action, instead of a ‘Make Changes To User’ action.

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Make sense. I was following the bootcamp course in which the sign up had two sections.

However, I change to “sing the user up” but now nothing is happening.

What do you mean nothing is happening?

Basically, the form data with all inputs are not sent to the user table.

Here is the example of the user table.

What does the debugger say is happening when you run the workflow?

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I checked again and I saw that the “first_name” had a different type.

Thank you very much.

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