User Data not Displaying in App Data


I am struggling to get data appearing under app data for the user. I cannot even get the name and email address to appear when I enter ‘preview,’ enter in my name and email test it. I can get it operational when I create another user thing, but I didn’t think that was necessary.


Hi there, @michaelcwillner… it’s not clear what you are doing there (or even what you are trying to do). Are you actually signing the user up? What does your workflow look like?


At this stage, I would say I am trying to sign them up. Once they are signed up, they will enter a series of questions, the answers being stored in app data. Here is the workflow as it is now. I have been trying various things for it to utilize the user created by default not the Current-User thing I have created, but User isn’t an option when in the things to change drop down menu.

If I understand your response correctly, I believe you are misunderstanding a core concept of Bubble. You don’t use the Create a new thing… workflow action to create users, you sign them up using the Sign the user up workflow action. Oh, and you are definitely headed down the wrong path by creating a custom data type called CurrentUser… so, forget that idea immediately.