Creating Zapier integration for my Bubble App

We’re creating our own Zapier integration so that our product can be listed on Zapier’s long library of integrations. We want to build something generic so that any of our customers can hook up their own software tools into our own product using Zapier.

I’ve reviewed Zapier’s documentation using their visual builder to create such an integration. That part is pretty straight forward at a high level. The part where I’m struggling is in understanding how to create endpoints in Bubble to send/receive new things/updates.

Does anyone happen to know of good documentation or an example of something they’ve built in the past that has 2-way communication from their Bubble app to another software?


I have done 2 way communication between bubble and other services. I wouldn’t be able to directly provide examples but I can explain how I’ve tied the ropes of things together.

Under your API tab you have two URLS to send data to bubble. You’re looking for the one that has /wf/ in it.

Then in the backend workflows tab you can create an endpoint. You need to append this endpoints name to the link in the API tab. Easiest way to set this up is go to the endpoint and click “detect request data”

That’ll give you the link with “initialize” at the end of it and have bubble listening for an API call.

This is gonna be the spot for Zapier to send live updates. After you initialize it with your first call. You can remove the “initialize” from the. URL

In this workflow. Bubble gives you the options to alter the data base. Run account workflows or send back data to the original caller.

With that. And with regular API connector API calls to Zapier. You should get a 2 way street of talking between the services.