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Data to create new thing not being saved?

Edit: bug report filed

Just tested with a whole new Thing, which is being saved. Still no luck with the two original data types. So its totally on my, will file a bug report.

Alright, I figured out the issue. Might be helpful for others before you spend your morning chasing ghosts…

Some items saved and others didn’t and I had no idea what caused it because everything looked OK. I reloaded the editor, clicked the refresh button, made sure I was in the right version (live/dev).

At one point this morning I had to force quit the browser (Firefox gives me best performance, but still accumulates a lot of memory usage) and reload the editor completely and voila: all entries (and my 1000 dummy stress entries :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) revealed!

I have had issues with the database not showing entries before but never the case that there was 1 entry showing and another not when submitted after each other…

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