Data not loading?

Same issue for me. Submitted a bug report #12852.

For me, resizing the page didn’t fix it, but refreshing would fix it sometimes.

I also noticed that the elements in the RG would not visible but were still ‘there’ in that they were clickable, and would trigger the associated workflow from clicking them.

I also seem to be having issues with non RG failing to show up due to a conditional statement - anyone else have this? I have a regular group that is not visible, and is visible if a user condition is true; I’ve confirmed the user condition is true but the group is no longer showing up. 90% sure this is related to this recent update but not positive.

Same issue here. Started midday PST 1/25…

Same here… some of the elements of my app (even those which should be visible on page load) are not being shown… Yesterday I didn’t have this problem

Same here I’m on Chrome on a Mac.

From support:

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve been able to confirm that other users have also been experiencing this behavior, and our engineering team is currently investigating it. I have added you to the ticket so you can follow the bug report’s progress on our Reported Bugs page; our team will also be in touch directly as it is resolved.

Quick update for everyone: our engineering team has this ticket, and is looking into it. Since this is affecting a few apps’ live modes, this is high priority for our team, and should be resolved soon; unfortunately, no better estimate to share on the timing here.

We appreciate your patience!

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Ok for me, thanks.

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Add me to the list. Suddenly my dropdowns that populate w/ data from the database are empty… :confused:

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Looks like this is fixed for me. Thanks @eve

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Looks like they’ve rolled back some changes they made in order to fix the issue. From my support ticket—

"Thanks for your patience! A quick update from our engineering team:

Thank you for reporting this, and sorry for the inconvenience here.

We had deployed a change to fix how rendering happened when elements were doing animations, since we had some reports of edge cases not rendering properly because of that.

Unfortunately, your app showed us another case of our fix actually breaking your app - and in a worse way - therefore we have temporarily reverted that change, while we figure out how to deploy it while making sure we don’t break other cases. We are still looking into what part triggered that, but it seems to be related to groups children to repeating groups that weren’t visible on page load, but became visible after an app interaction."

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It looks like it is fixed for me as well.

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In my case it doesn’t seem to have been fixed…

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