Data not saving or not displaying in DB


I have a workflow that saves data (inputed by the user) into the database. But this is no longer working. I am on the test version.

From the page where the workflow is activated, it shows that the information has been saved and displays my generated reference number on the page. It also shows information from the saved DB entry.

However, when I access the database (from both the editor and a repeating group I have elsewhere) it’s not displaying any of the data.

This was working fine yesterday evening (approx. 17:00 hrs in UK time).

Hope someone can help.

Many thanks,


Must’ve been something buggy within workflow, as stripped it down and appears to be working now. Still not sure how certain elements were able to pull information from the “saved” DB entry, but I couldn’t access it myself.

No, it’s doing it again. It’s just basic information I am saving from a range of inputs/drop-downs (got to 12 entries in total) before it stopped saving to DB again.

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