Data not updating to database

Hi, I’m stuck trying to get a field to update to my database:

On my marketplace app, I have a listing edit -page for users to input information about their rental properties. There’s a multi-choice dropdown field that’s coming from an option set with 2 choices. I can’t seem to get the dropdown’s value to be stored in the database.

The workflow of the user is as follows:

  1. first, they click on a button; “create new listing”, which creates the new listing in the database with only a bare minimum of basic info (current user and their first name)

  1. The user then fills in different fields (including the dropdown’s value)

  1. They save changes to database by clicking another button; “update listing”. That makes changes to the current page’s listing

  1. The result is this:

I’m still trying to get to grips with using Bubble, so apologies, if there’s an obvious rookie mistake in here somewhere that i’m missing.

Hi there, @tomi.dostinov… I could be off base here, but you are trying to make changes to the Current Page Listing, so the issue could be that the current page doesn’t have an associated listing. Can I assume you are staying on the same page and just showing a new group after the listing is created?


Yes, you’re right in that after the user creates the initial listing, they stay on the same page and continue filling out data.

You may be on to something there, because I just assumed that by creating a new listing, it would somehow automatically become the current page’s listing. If that’s not the case, how could I make the newly created listing the page’s current listing?

One way you can set the current page’s listing to the newly-created listing is to add a Go to page… workflow step right after the listing is created that navigates to the same page and has the Data to send as the result of the step that creates the new listing (in this case, step 1).

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Thanks a million @mikeloc !! You solved my problem!!