Make changes to a thing in database

Hi guys, ive been struggling with this for 2 days, i have a "listing’ data type with some fields, i want the user to be able to edit this listing,

I have tried using "do a search for listing but this only makes changes to the 1st item on the repeating group.

I want the current user’s listing to change individually.

thank you.

Hey there :wave:

I know how you feel. Let me see if I can help. :blush:

Where are you editing your listing? In a popup?


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hi thanks for responding, im editing it on a page not a pop up.

No problem. :blush:

So when you click on a listing then it takes you to another group to edit it? Or what does that look like for you? Maybe a screen shot or sharing your preview link could be helpful.

ive made it public, you can view here and click on the RG, then click on features.

Ok, let me take a look for you. How do I reproduce what you are doing?

Click on Properties and then click on the property that you want to edit?


You are trying to save your data from the ‘Group edit details’ right?

the main group is group master 2 and the i have sub groups. details 1, 2, 3, 4.

First try removing this from the data source, you are already sending the data when clicking on the listing.

okay i just did

Which button are you clicking to save your data?

It would be easier to keep all of your details in one group. Then you can refer to the parent group’s data to make changes to it.

Otherwise, you can use a set state and make changes to that each time you click the save button.

Because of how you have your setup currently, the least amount of work would be to use a set state.

This is how you would do it:

When clicking on the listing you want to edit, in the workflow you set a state to the main page which is called Manager. Make sure the set state is labeled as Listing and the type is Listing as well.

Then you can refer to that set state each time you click the save button without worrying about where it is on the page and in which group it is.

Does that make sense?

Do you know how to use set states yet?

yes i know how to set a state, theres a group with a “back’ and save changes” text. so i wana make changes when the save changes text is clicked. but your explanation is good.

Perfect, so when you click Save changes, you can make changes to that listing that you saved in the set state. Let me know if that works for your situation. :blush:

im a little bit confused here, please guide me i think this can work.

When you click on the listing to open the edit screen is where you want to do that set state.

When you click the save changes button you would do a “make changes to a thing” which would be your listing that you saved to your set state.

okay thank you for your assistance, let me try it out, i will come back to you with feedback.

No problem. Let me know how it goes or I can be more specific and tell you which elements, if need be. :blush:

that’ll be lovely please do