Data object export

Hi Bubblers. I need to export a list of objects to a 3rd party system for processing once a week, either in csv or json format but via a file. I have been looking for a way to automate this but can’t seem to find a solution. Has anyone got any advice on exporting data out of bubble? The workflow I need is to perform a search for objects that meet a specific criteria (like a boolean = yes or a date range is matched, then export to a file somewhere the file can be picked up by the 3rd part system.

Any help appreciated!


Some ingredients in Bubble:

  • Formatted as text, Formatted as JSON safe, combined can produce JSON from Bubble objects, with fields of your choosing
  • Schedule API workflow
  • Incoming API calls via Data API or backend API workflow
  • Outgoing API calls via API connector or server action
  • Online storage options via API calls: Backblaze, Dropbox, AWS, Azure, … way too many to list them all

Mystery ingredients of third party service

  • Pulls on a schedule?
  • Needs to be notified when the file is ready to be pulled?
  • Accepts a file pushed to it via API call?
  • Will it accept a JSON API body as a file, with an appropriate header?

Happy baking! :cake: