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[Data/Privacy] How to give authorization and use it in the same wf?


When a workflow is ran in bubble, the successive actions take into account the data changes of previous steps. This is great.

However if a first step consists in giving a user access to an authorization (i.e thanks to a change in the data, the user in now eligible to a new role/permission from data/lagacy configuration), the new permission is not taken into account by the next steps of the workflow. So it is not possible to make a change on a thing that should be possible from the newly granted permission.

It looks like there is a need to commit first the data change that gives the new permission. But I couldn’t find a way to do that… I tried to decompose the actions in different sub custom actions but the problem is still there…

How can I do ? Should I use a dirty work around like i) changing the permission ii) changing a custom state of a hidden input iii) catching the change in the input iv) process the rest of the workflow

@emmanuel is the current behavior intentional or is it a bug ?

Many thanks

PS on a side topicm the data doesn’t update in real time after changes of permission either. The page must be reloaded. Real time updates would be nice

Ok I actually just found a solution by scheduling immediately and API endpoint that is ran without permission…

This may increase the number of API endpoints but it seems to work