Data Sort in Nested RG

Hi Bubblers !

There are 2 Repeating Groups : RG2 nested in RG1.

RG1 : List of Main Properties
RG2 : List of Rooms/Units inside a ‘Main Property’

Now, I want to SORT RG2 using ‘Floor Level’ FIELD Value. I have tried using ‘:Sorted’ with RG2 DATA SOURCE, however RG2 values dont seem to be SORTED.

1  Nested RG data not getting Sorted

what should be done to achieve SORTED data as per ‘Floor Level’ in RG2 ?

Are there any conditionals that are modifying the data source of the RG? That’s what I’d guess is the issue.

Is Floor Level a number or have you made it a text?

Thank you for your revert @georgecollier !

There are 2 conditionals for RG2 :

  1. to control visibility of RG2 based on count.
  2. to fetch data using ‘get data from URL’, if URL not empty.

‘Floor Level’ is a ‘number’ type FIELD in the database.
4  FloorLEVEL FIELD Type

Is the data source of that conditional causing the data to be unsorted?

Alternatively, what’s the ‘13,14,15,16’ list, because thats what it seems to be sorted by right now.

yes, it seems the Data Source of the conditional was causing this as its expression was not updated with ‘:SORTED’.
Thanks for pointing out & solving this ! :+1:

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