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Deleting a text item from Repeating group showing list of text

Deleting a text item from Repeating group showing list of text. How is this done?

Delete thing… only shows Current Cell’s text or Current Cell’s index, both of which show in red as they are not savable.

Record 1
Frank Lloyd Wright
List of text
Text 1
Text 2 (delete this one)
Text 3

Record 2
Max Planck
List of text
Text a
Text b
Text n

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Make changess to a thing, current cells text, “thistextlist” “remove” item#2 or instead of item#3 you could do contains thistext or whatever. I think i know what your getting at, you would make changes to the list to “remove” “or add” one or more of the entrys. If thats not what your getting at flick me the editor link and i will see what it is you need. Cheers

Yes, the list of text belongs to a records of “job”. In the record a field subs which is a simple list of subs.
I have the subs displayed in a repeating group and a button next to them in order to remove/ delete them from the list.

What you said did not work because I don’t have/see the options you are talking about.

The action below is from the button in the repeating group row.

In the repeating groups data field what is the type of content and what is exactly is in the data source?

It’s text.

Text isn’t always just text.

How else can I refer to them. In the Jobs record (current record in the parent group) I have field called “Sub Emails Allowed” which is a simple list of text containing some text (Sub Email Addresses). I want to delete one of the text items in the list, how is this done then? Perhaps in Bubble you cannot manipulate a list of text items, just add to them?

I finally got it. I can build an entire Bubble app in 5 hours but I cannot figure out how to modify a simple list of text items in 8 hours. Hope this saves others the headache.

Here is the issue.

If the list was a list of another type, then you can place the items in repeating group and manipulate each item from there.

If the list of items is simple, for example, list of text, you CANNOT manipulate them from repeating group.

Because you can do FINDING 1 it does not mean you can do what’s on FINDING 2.


  1. You have to place yourself in the group that contains the record on which the simple list of text is just another field of.
  2. Then you could place a button on that group and link it to a workflow, that MAKE CHANGING TO A THING.
  3. Then select the current record and then the field (a list of texts) and ONLY then it will give you the options to ADD MODIFY REMOVE etc.

Because I was used to dealing with lists as described in FINDING 1 I assumed I could do the same thing in FINDING 2 leading many hours of time related anxiety.

Hope this saves someone else the trouble.


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