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To modify a record in the database, I want to set up a form that uses autobind. One of the fields in this data-type is a list. How do I create an input field that can display and autobind the list? In a standard input-field, it just displays [object Object] when using the auto-bind feature.

The idea is that for a specific disease there are multiple disease areas that can be in a list. Sometimes overlapping names for disease areas are created and need to be removed from a list; sometimes more specific terms need to be added.

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You can display a list as comma delineated text, but comma delineated text is not a list. so auto-binding is not possible.

I had this issue in my app on the admin side. I solved this by creating a drop down that contained all the items I might have in the list, I then added an “add to list” and “remove from list” button next to the drop down. I select the item in the item I want to edit from the drop down then either “plusItem” or filter it out. A separate text field just shows what the list is. (a third button, add all to list was useful as well).

Not the best Ux solution, but it’s only on the admin backside of my app so I can manage data easily.



Go to the plugins tab and instal the “MultiDropdown”.

Then use that, with Autobind on your field.


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For this solution you would need to create a separate data type that lists all of my disease areas and then somehow link them with the multidropdown. I guess this makes sense, but in that case adding a new item to the list would require an additional form, which makes the whole thing redundant.

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