Data types only display in preview mode


I am building an app that displays local tutors in a repeating group on two of the site’s pages. The data type “tutor” has several different attributes to it (such as picture, name, etc.) and the attributes I chose to display are showing up in a repeating group in preview mode. However, when I go to my actual site domain without using bubble preview, the tutor objects are not showing up in the repeating group.

If anyone could help, that would be great!

The first image shows preview mode and the second is what appears live on my site domain.
ps. I created fake tutor objects for the purpose of this topic.


Don’t forget that there are 2 separate databases - 1 for your dev version, and 1 for your live version.

So if you want data from your dev version to show up in your live site you’ll need to copy the database from 1 version to the other.

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