Issue With Repeating groups not displaying data

Dear bubble community.

I am having an issue with repeating groups. On my live application, repeating groups are not showing any data at all. Even non-dynamic data just like normal text. The strange is when I make a new test site to see if it is a bug I works absolutely fine. It is only in one specific application but no matter what I do It will not work. When I preview the application it is just completely blank. no dividing lines or anything…

This is starting to become mission critical!

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Do you have data in your live database? Your app has two separate environments: development & production (aka test and live). Each one has its own database and they don’t sync to each other. You’d need to copy your test data to live (Data > App Data > Copy and restore database) to see the same in live.

Copying between the two might not be something you do often - in fact, be careful with it since it’s an overwrite operation. But if you’re still in overall test mode, try that out.

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Yeah i made sure of that!

The crazy thing is that it doesnt even show normal non dynamic text when the data type is set to “user”
However as soon as I change it to another data type it works fine.

See the pictures

Both of those boxes are exactly the same apart from the data type.

However when i preview it one is completely blank and the other not.

You have user records in your live database then?

Do you have any search constraints on the User data source?

Do you have any privacy roles created for the User type?

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Loads of user records in live db and enough in dev to populate.

No search constraints.

Might have privacy rules, how would I check?

Under Data > Privacy > User

Also, check for any conditions on the User repeating group.


It was the priv rules! thanks so much!


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