Repeating Group Display Issues

I’ve created a static database of Products that I’m pointing my Repeating Group towards, but when I view my website outside of the Bubble Preview window (on mobile device, different browsers, etc.) the Repeating Group doesn’t display. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Did you know? :stars:

The preview/development version vs Live version of your apps have different databases.

Are you viewing the preview or the live version ? You’ll know because of the url. The preview url includes /version-test/

Hey Jared, I didn’t know that, thanks for the tip. I’m looking at the Preview ( /version-test/) and the Live site on another tab. My Preview displays the Repeating Group fine, but the Live version does not. I’m wondering if this issue is a database, repeating groups, or some other kind of issue.

Thanks again.

Whatever is in your live dB is not the same as preview. It’s 2 separate dbs to allow for testing your app before you push to live. Do you can make fake dB entrys or whatever else you need.

Had a similar issue. First time I hadn’t actually deployed. Second time it was because I hadn’t signed up yet and paid. Bubble requires paid account now to use Live functionality (I think).

In the likely scenario those aren’t the problem… what happens when you uncheck the “max width/ stretched” box?

The max width % also seems “high.”

The last thing I’d try (as a newbie) is messing with the rows and columns numbers.